The process

For those who wonder what I’m up to here, I’m journaling the process of my next large set of artworks – thinking, researching, drawing, writing, collaging, painting, listening to and transcribing oral histories – they all form part of the process. Also, I’m hoping for feedback and/or information that would add to my knowledge pool. I gain insights from the process of writing itself.  Sometimes the work of other artists sparks an idea or new direction.

For the past few months I’ve been involved in researching my grandparents and their lives abroad. I hope to convey somewhat abstractly what that journey may have entailed. I plan to paint these ideas over 3 or 4 canvases … and maybe more. At least 4 of them will be 4 feet high. One grouping will be a diptych. Ultimately, it will turn out to be a large body of work. The investigation is part of my learning, and blogging helps clarify my thoughts. It’s helpful, as this will take place over many months, and as an artist, I’m usually alone in the process.

The header on this blog is a detail of a drawing that recalls memories of my mother and things that she cherished. The drawing, in pastel & graphite, consists of 2 panels, each 40” high and 28” wide. The header shows the top of the right panel.

Dorothy Doherty


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